Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2015

Free 14 Day Action Plan to Profitable List Building

If you are not a complete newbie to internet marketing, you already know the money is in the list! IN fact, list building is the only working method to earn money just by pushing a few buttons (if you have a list in place, of corse!)

But how to really build a list, ot just a email list, but a list with engaged subscribers, already waiting for your next email?

In fact, there is one thing you need to get right in order to get 30-50% open Rates and signup rates!

Provide Real Value!

If your information solves the problem of your subscriber, it becomes much easier to convert hin into a buyer!

The first step to get this done is to know your market. What are the popular problems people face in your niche? If you are able to solve one or more of these problems with your free gift or your emails, your subscribers will almost instantly respect you as authority in your niche and this makes it much easier for you to recommend and promote products related to this problem, for example!

Be honest and helpful!

This is the next step, after they sign up to your list, the most markets start to promote products almost directly! Instead, provide more value to your subscriber in the first emails! This will set you apart from almost all other marketer and will greately increase the trust of your potential customer!

Never Promote Bad Products

Don´t go for the fast buck, ensure to only promote good,helpful products you would use yourself! Doing this wrong is the best way to kill your email list!

These are a few important tips to build not jsut a hugh list, but a list ready to make you some money!

If oyu want to build a responsive list, check out ny 5 Minute Guide to listbuilding & 14 Day Actionplan for free by clicking here! I´m sure you will love the information you will find inside!

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