Donnerstag, 11. Mai 2017

The Perfect Blueprint to Start your Online Business
America’s Fastest-Growing Inc 5000 Private Company JVZoo has partnered with one of their platform’s top sellers Sam Bakker, to release JVZoo Academy: a comprehensive 7-part training series launching on April 18th 2017.


Having made over $8000,000 in revenue over the platform in the last 4 years, Sam Bakker credits his success to the platform’s easy-to-use marketplace capabilities.

“Using JVzoo is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. It helped me to sell my products online through quality affiliates. Since starting two years ago, I’ve traveled to over 27 different countries while building a seven figure online marketing company with JVZoo..”

The project began after Sam Bakker developed a strict process of running his business on the platform, and decided to take on some students to pass on his knowledge.

“I wasn’t sure how successful my strategies would be for others that had no prior experience in the market. I had spent over 10 years trying to break through, so my only hope was to help cut that time down for others who wanted to run an online business.”

Students began to replicate his strategy, and while results were varied, they saw the potential in what was being taught that allowed them to go on and keep scaling their business. Professional race car driver Sam Robinson – one of Sam Bakker’s first students generated over $30,000 in his first launch 2 months after starting.

“I met Sam Bakker by pure chance, and gave myself 12 months to seriously try to build an online business. A couple of months in, he helped me launch my first product that generated five figures. I had been working on other projects that year, so I kept my launches to a minimum but each one would generate at least five figures every time. The process is just so simple. Sam Bakker also had another student that almost did a seven figure launch a year after starting, so I’m aiming towards that now.” comments Sam Robinson

The JVZoo platform allows for two ways to start an online business: by becoming a seller of products, or an affiliate of products of other sellers on the platform. JVZoo Academy covers both aspects, and suggests to use both functions in order to maximize business success.

Supplying the market with new products, while building a list to suggest other sellers’ products has been a winning long-term strategy of many online marketers over the years. However, many claim that the biggest issue is in finding customers and partners to succeed as both a seller and affiliate.

“We didn’t want to leave anything out of the training, so I decided to share everything in as much detail as possible. JVZoo is the best place where this training can be applied because not only is the training relevant to JVZoo, but the platform in itself has many opportunities, especially for those just starting out.” comments Sam Bakker

JVZoo Academy’s paid premium training takes students through videos, transcripts, templates, how-to videos and other resources. The module about becoming a seller on the platform takes students from the brain storming stages, right through to launching the product on the platform.

Sam Bakker comments “When starting out, it’s important for new online business owners to build their authority. The internet is a big place, but it’s easier to do when you have a platform like JVZoo to launch your products you build using the training we’ve provided.”

Alongside this, April 18th marks the date when JVZoo will also release free JVZoo Academy training (Click here to learn more) parallel to the premium paid version, for those that want to learn about how to navigate the platform and where to focus their attention when starting out.

Freitag, 6. Mai 2016

Chance to Win a Lifetime Passive Income

Want to have easy passive income for a lifetime without lifting a finger?

is the once in a lifetime opportunity.You may have learned about Bitcoin millionaires who suddenly found themselves drowning in dollars simply because they were fortunate enough to invest in Bitcoins when the selling price was in cents.

This is actually the details about Bitcoin millionaires

Now another golden opportunity is knocking at your door right now.

The Altcoin arena
has seen many coins that came into the scene with a bang but suffered a rapid death for insufficient assisting infrastructure to back them up.

The recently released ADZcoin
is definitely an exception because the coin creators come up with supporting infrastructure first before developing ADZcoin allow it eternal life because this new Altcoin is made having a real function.

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No matter what amount of money
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Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2015

Free 14 Day Action Plan to Profitable List Building

If you are not a complete newbie to internet marketing, you already know the money is in the list! IN fact, list building is the only working method to earn money just by pushing a few buttons (if you have a list in place, of corse!)

But how to really build a list, ot just a email list, but a list with engaged subscribers, already waiting for your next email?

In fact, there is one thing you need to get right in order to get 30-50% open Rates and signup rates!

Provide Real Value!

If your information solves the problem of your subscriber, it becomes much easier to convert hin into a buyer!

The first step to get this done is to know your market. What are the popular problems people face in your niche? If you are able to solve one or more of these problems with your free gift or your emails, your subscribers will almost instantly respect you as authority in your niche and this makes it much easier for you to recommend and promote products related to this problem, for example!

Be honest and helpful!

This is the next step, after they sign up to your list, the most markets start to promote products almost directly! Instead, provide more value to your subscriber in the first emails! This will set you apart from almost all other marketer and will greately increase the trust of your potential customer!

Never Promote Bad Products

Don´t go for the fast buck, ensure to only promote good,helpful products you would use yourself! Doing this wrong is the best way to kill your email list!

These are a few important tips to build not jsut a hugh list, but a list ready to make you some money!

If oyu want to build a responsive list, check out ny 5 Minute Guide to listbuilding & 14 Day Actionplan for free by clicking here! I´m sure you will love the information you will find inside!

Download your 14 Day Actionplan..Click Here!

Inside this ebook, you will learn how to create a hot lead magnet injust a few hours, how to create converting squeezepages, how to drive traffic to your free offer and how to maximize your earnings!

Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

Auto Cash Funnel: Newbie Terrors Terminated Using This Incredible New System

Sometimes it seems that there are a million and one ways to make money online, but everybody agrees on a three things at least:

1) The money is in the list

This means that you need to capture the email addresses of your customers because it allows you to market to them again and again.

Each subscriber has a 'dollar value' (the industry average is $1 per subscriber) so for every subscriber on your list, you have a money-making asset.

2) Everybody needs traffic

Most people learn this pretty quickly when they start working online.

They create a website or blog, then discover it's absolutely useless unless people visit it.

That's what's we know as traffic ... visitors to your website.

If you have no traffic, you have no visitors ... and you'll make no money.

3) We all need to make money online ... preferably sooner, rather than later!

This is a given of internet marketing.

We all want to make a living from the internet ... but that's often easier said than done.

These are the three things that everybody agrees on, yet for the newbie internet marketer they are usually the biggest headaches.

If you've been online for any length of time, you're bound to have tried blogging, SEO, PPC, article writing ... all the usual suspects which CAN work, do SOMETIMES work, but usually take forever to deliver results.

That's why Chris Freville and Paul Teague have teamed up to create Auto Cash Funnel ... the complete Newbie Terror Terminator!

Auto Cash Funnel doesn't beat around the bush, it goes straight for the heart of the problem, tackling head-on the BIG THREE problems experienced by most internet marketers:

# making money IMMEDIATELY!

# building a decent size list QUICKLY!

# generating targeted traffic FAST!

As well as solving the 3 BIG headaches, Auto Cash Funnel also solves a 4th!

Most people run a mile when they hear talk of HTML and FTP, but the emphasis throughout Auto Cash Funnel is on giving marketers "Guru skills" without them having to lift a finger to anything more than simple 'cut and paste'.

Paul and Chris guarantee you won't have seen the techniques used in this coaching, and the emphasis throughout is on white hat, effective strategies that anybody can use without technical knowledge or having to spend out on expensive software.

So, if you're still struggling in the web wilderness and you're in desperate need of a helping hand, check out Auto Cash Funnel when it launches on Monday 6th December 2010 at 9am EST.

Montag, 15. Februar 2010

VoxFlair Contest - Prize Giveaway

Here is a great contest by, a new service giving you all in hand to ad high quality audio tracks to your website or to your videos! Be sure to take part at :

VoxFlair Contest - Prize Giveaway

Montag, 8. Februar 2010

The Top Reasons why Copy and Past don´t work well in Online marketing!

If you spend some time on the topic "Homebased Business" or "making money online" you will for sure came across so named "Copy and Past" or "Turnkey" Blueprints, in this article I will show to you the most commen reasons why the most of them don´t work, and at the end I will show you something totally different!

Here are the Reasons:

1. Nearly all of these Systems are targeting so named very small markets called Niches.

These tiny Niche markets are profitable as long as there is no competition, but after some other competitors jump into, so it will be much harder to be successful. Niche marketing can be highly profitable, if you are the first in the niche, marketing without a real competition is alway´s very profitable!

But this won´t be the case, there will be many other marketers, trying to counquer this market to make some profit!

It´s a easy calculation : In these niches, the search volumen for related search terms is small and the number of competitors will increase fast, now calculate a small amount of webtraffic divided by a big amount of marketers, will result in a only small amount of web traffic or profit for you!

2. The 2. reason is : Nearly all of these Strategies are paying for traffic, so you need to invest much cash in order to get started, without even a real guarantee for success!

Think about buying a "Turnkey" or "Copy and Past" System, just to invest a lot of money for traffic without making any profit, if you are lucky, you can refund the system, but the money paid for traffic is gone forever!

Visit my Whitehat Copycat Review and discover why this system will work and how it solves these problems!

Montag, 18. Januar 2010

WhiteHat Copycat - A new model to make money online?

Yesterday I recieved an massage from Tim Bekker (SuperSimpleSystem), emailing me a note to join his beta-version of his new Whitehat Copycat Blueprint.

Tim Bekker works now for about 7 Years as internet marketer and he really knows what he is speaking about.

Well lets talk about the Whitehat Copycat Blueprint. I cant Say too much it´s still "top secret" and will go in pre-launch tomorow, but here is what I can tell you :

Instead of targeting a small sub market, he targets the big download niche, and copies the monetizing Tactics used by the heavy hitters like! To do this effectively it´s important to use perfectly optimized sites with the right offers, but this is all in the Whitehat Copycat Blueprint!

I made a review site you can visit to learn more, but remember, Prelaunch starts on the 19 January :