Montag, 15. Februar 2010

VoxFlair Contest - Prize Giveaway

Here is a great contest by, a new service giving you all in hand to ad high quality audio tracks to your website or to your videos! Be sure to take part at :

VoxFlair Contest - Prize Giveaway

Montag, 8. Februar 2010

The Top Reasons why Copy and Past don´t work well in Online marketing!

If you spend some time on the topic "Homebased Business" or "making money online" you will for sure came across so named "Copy and Past" or "Turnkey" Blueprints, in this article I will show to you the most commen reasons why the most of them don´t work, and at the end I will show you something totally different!

Here are the Reasons:

1. Nearly all of these Systems are targeting so named very small markets called Niches.

These tiny Niche markets are profitable as long as there is no competition, but after some other competitors jump into, so it will be much harder to be successful. Niche marketing can be highly profitable, if you are the first in the niche, marketing without a real competition is alway´s very profitable!

But this won´t be the case, there will be many other marketers, trying to counquer this market to make some profit!

It´s a easy calculation : In these niches, the search volumen for related search terms is small and the number of competitors will increase fast, now calculate a small amount of webtraffic divided by a big amount of marketers, will result in a only small amount of web traffic or profit for you!

2. The 2. reason is : Nearly all of these Strategies are paying for traffic, so you need to invest much cash in order to get started, without even a real guarantee for success!

Think about buying a "Turnkey" or "Copy and Past" System, just to invest a lot of money for traffic without making any profit, if you are lucky, you can refund the system, but the money paid for traffic is gone forever!

Visit my Whitehat Copycat Review and discover why this system will work and how it solves these problems!